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Attending: Jochen Krause (Innoopract), Arthur Ryman (IBM), Raghu Srinivasan (Oracle), Tim Wagner (BEA), David Williams (IBM)


Update planning document for Release 1.5

General 1.5 goals

  • focus on stablity and performance
  • no regressions

JEE 1.5 Theme

  • spec is not ready
  • no server support available (except glassfish)
  • can be realized as "technology preview" only
  • jsf and ejb3 support will be in an provisional status
  • EJB3 support will be added through the DALI project (lightweight integration only)
  • jee 1.5 will bring changes to web.xml, ejb.xml
    • underlying emf models can not be fully extended in webtools 1.5 timeframe, but we will investigate how to provide adequate support
    • in case of competing goals with regard to DALI support vs. API stability we will prefer API stability
    • PMC will foster that webtools jee team and DALI team work together water down the language
  • EJB3 and JSF will bring their own models into the tools, full integration with extisting models of webtools will happen in 2.0 timeframe

other themes

see the following link for changes to the planning document: diff

planning a release beyond 1.5

  • release cycle should be in sync with platform, one release per year
  • releasing features asynchronisly might be also an option

next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 30, 11:00 AM EST

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