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0.1.0.v20070618 Release Notes (Buckminster)

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What has changed in this build?


  • The resolve and materialize wizard in Buckminster is now able to save the MSPEC. Bug 192653.
  • You can do File -> Import -> Other -> Materialize from Buckminster MSPEC, CQUERY, or BOM and enter a URL that appoints one of the three types. Bug 192652.
  • More consistent handling of properties for action execution. Bug 192732.
  • The default output location for action execution has changed. Bug 193086

Fixed bugs

182728 File -> Open on a cquery results in "Invalid Input"
187961 Only the first resolution/materialization from a bmscript succeeds
190404 Resolve and Materialize wizard should be brought down prior to build
192105 Resolving query for plug-in that has version without qualifier fails with NullPointerException
192147 Buckminster should not have its own ant-runner
192703 Intermittent NPE during resolution
192823 Lots of garbage '.tmp' files left in temp directory after resolution
192824 Remove obsolete attributes from the AdvisorNode
192998 IndexOutOfBoundsException in CQUERY editor
193093 Large files are materialized twice

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