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0.1.0.v20070413 Release Notes (Buckminster)

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What has changed in this build?

  • Version downgrade - Buckminster now follows a versioning scheme starting at 0.1.0 in order to comply with the Eclipse incubation requirements.

What you need to do

  • Exit your IDE and remove all existing Buckminster features and plug-ins (found under the Eclipse install directory /features and /plugins unless you've installed them elsewhere). The fact that the version number is going backwards is likely to confuse the update manager so we recommend this somewhat brute force approach.
  • Start the IDE again with -clean.
  • Reinstall the Buckminster plugins using "Find and Install" - As described in Getting started with Buckminster.

Version Downgrade

We've renumbered our release numbering scheme in order to be compliant with the Guidlines for Incubation Phase. One of the criteria is that the project releases be numbered "pre-1.0." For this reason (and only for this reason!), we've renumbered the current Buckminster release starting at 0.1.0.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the new guidelines, a primary benefit of "incubation" status is to make the new Parallel IP Process. The Maven team will be making a significant code contribution to Buckminster over the next several weeks, and we'd like to make this available to the community as soon as possible.

Full IP review for new contributions takes several months. Under the Parallel IP Process, the code can be accepted into the Eclipse codebase following a two-week IP review process.

Sorry for any inconvenience or confusion this causes.

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