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2013-12-05 JUG Switzerland, Slides [4.85 MB] "Hitchhiker's Guide to Eclipse Scout"], Matthias Zimmermann, Andreas Hoegger, Matthias Zimmermann

2013-07-18 Eclipse Newsletter, "Eclipse Scout adds Mobile Support", Matthias Zimmermann

2013-06-27 Eclipse Democamp Zurich, Slides [649kb], "Eclipse Scout: What's new in Kepler", Andreas Hoegger, Matthias Zimmermann

2013-05-15 Eclipse Stammtisch Zurich, Slides [1.03 MB] "Mobile Eclipse Scout business Apps", Ken Lee, Matthias Zimmermann

2013-03-27 EclipseCon 2013, Slides [1.14 MB] "Developing mobile applications with Eclipse Scout", Ken Lee, Andreas Hoegger

2013-03-26 EclipseCon 2013, Slides [1.07 MB] "Testing a Scout Application with JUnit and Jubula", Alexandra Schladebeck, Jérémie Bresson

2013-01-24 OOP 2013, Scout Slides [2.9 MB] Effiziente Entwicklung von mobilen Geschäftsanwendungen, Matthias Zimmermann


2012-10-25 EclipseCon Europe 2012 , Scout Slides [0.8 MB] "Eclipse Scout Goes Mobile", Claudio Guglielmo, Matthias Zimmermann

2012-10-24 EclipseCon Europe 2012 , Scout Slides [2.4 MB] Tutorial [1.5 MB] "A Multi-Frontend Chat Application based on Eclipse Scout", Judith Gull, Matthias Villiger, Matthias Zimmermann

2012-10-16 Eclipse Finance Day Zurich 2012 , "Model-based UI Transformation to Eclipse Scout (German)", Volkert Barr (Raiffeisen), Stephan Leicht

2012-08-02 Java Magazin 9.2012, "Eclipse Scout Tutorial - Teil 3", Matthias Zimmermann

2012-07-02 Java Magazin 8.2012, "Eclipse Scout Tutorial - Teil 2", Matthias Zimmermann

2012-06-26 Scout Video Tutorials Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Patrik Suzzi

2012-06-22 Eclipse DemoCamp Zurich 2012, Scout Slides [1.6 MB] Multi-frontend Business Apps, Andreas Hoegger

2012-06-18 Scout Video Tutorials Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Patrik Suzzi

2012-06-08 Java Magazin 7.2012, "Eclipse Scout Tutorial - Teil 1", Matthias Zimmermann

2012-05-04 Eclipse Day Florence 2012, Scout Slides [2 MB] "Multi-frontend Business Applications with Eclipse Scout", Matthias Zimmermann, Andreas Hoegger

2012-03-29 Eclipse Con 2012, Scout Slides [2 MB], RAP Slides [0.2 MB] "Building user friendly business apps for desktop and web", Matthias Zimmermann, Jochen Krause

2012-03-28 Eclipse Con 2012, Slides [1.38 MB] "BahBahChat: A Chat Application based on Eclipse Scout (presented by BSI)", Matthias Zimmermann


2011-11-08 Eclipse Day Paris 2011, Slides [1.25 MB] "Les possibilités d’Eclipse Scout", Andreas Hoegger, Jérémie Bresson

2011-11-03 Eclipse Con Europe 2011, Slides [1MB], Source Code, "Eclipse Scout - Discover the Potential", Remo Arpagaus, Matthias Zimmermann

2011-10-13 Eclipse Stammtisch Zurich, Slides [1.4MB], "Webapps with Eclipse Scout", Matthias Zimmermann, Andreas Hoegger

2011-06-21 Indigo Democamp Darmstadt 2011, Slides [1.0 MB] "Eclipse Scout", Matthias Zimmermann, Andreas Hoegger

2011-05-17 Eclipse Live Webinar [37 minutes] "Implementing Modern Business Applications with Eclipse Scout", Matthias Zimmermann, Andreas Hoegger

2011-03-17 Eclipse Con 2011, Slides "Eclipse Scout: Apps to Go in 2h", Andreas Hoegger, Matthias Zimmermann

2011-03-22 Eclipse Con 2011, Slides [1.5 MB] "The Power of Eclipse Scout", Stephan Leicht, Jonas Mendler, Claudio Guglielmo

2011-03-17 Eclipse Con 2011, Slides [700 KB] "Eclipse Scout - Wicket Integration", Nathan Burgherr


2010-03-16 Video 1: How to create a form, Video 2: How to create fields, Video 3: How to load data, Claudio Guglielmo

2010-03-22 Eclipse Con 2010, Slides [1.5 MB] "Eclipse Scout, A Mature Business Application Framework going Open Source", Matthias Zimmermann

2010-03-24 Eclipse Con 2010, Slides [1.1 MB] "Eclipse Scout Business Applications, A Piece of Cake", Andreas Hoegger

2010-06-01 Eclipse Banking Day 2010, Slides [2.2 MB] "Eclipse Scout in the Banking Industry", Jens Thuesen, Andreas Hoegger, Matthias Zimmermann

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