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*[[Image:Wiki.gif]] [http://www.eclipseworld.org Chinese Eclipse Community (CEC)] Note 2013-06-03: inaccessible
*[[Image:Wiki.gif]] [http://eclipse-china.github.io/ Eclipse China (bi-lingual English/Chinese)] 英文,中文
*[[Image:Wiki.gif]] [http://eclipse-china.github.io/ Eclipse China (bi-lingual English/Chinese)]
===Czech Republic===
===Czech Republic===

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Regional Eclipse Communities are groups of people located in the same geographic area, that have a keen interest in using and contributing to Eclipse. Regional communities can share ideas, discuss projects, exchange code and compare solutions. Anyone can join a community and most groups will meet in person at least once a year.


[edit] Participate

Find a local group on the community list below. Groups may connect through mailing lists, newsgroups or wikis, so see what's available for your community and introduce yourself to the group.

[edit] Start a Regional Community

If you don't see a regional community listed for your area, and you have the time and enthusiasm to dedicate to leading a group, you're welcome to start one by emailing regional-community@eclipse.org. Let us know what city or area you would like to coordinate. There are no set requirements to become a regional community organizer, however we would encourage organizers to commit to arranging at least one in-person meeting per year and to monitor their mailing list or newsgroup for new posts at least weekly.

  • We have a Wiki Template that you can use as a guide to start organizing your group.
  • If you need an Eclipse speaker for an event, contact Wayne Beaton at wayne@eclipse.org.
  • At EclipseCon 2008, Tonny Madsen of the RCP Company and the eclipse.dk Society in Denmark presented some great tips on organizing a local Eclipse group.
  • If you are planning an Eclipse Summit day for your area, we have some templates and tips for promoting.

[edit] List of Regional Communities

[edit] Belgium

[edit] Brazil

[edit] Bulgaria

[edit] Canada

[edit] China

[edit] Czech Republic

[edit] Denmark

[edit] France

[edit] Germany

[edit] Greece

[edit] Hungary

[edit] India

[edit] Indonesia

[edit] Israel

[edit] Italy

[edit] Japan

[edit] Jordan

[edit] Korea

[edit] Netherlands

[edit] Poland

[edit] Portugal

[edit] Russia

[edit] Spain

[edit] Sweden

[edit] Switzerland

[edit] Turkey

[edit] United Arab Emirates

[edit] USA

[edit] Links to Other Mailing Lists and Newsgroups