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This document is a place to brainstorm about what we want to do in 0.4.


Most of the work in Orion should fall under some agreed upon themes for the release. This is a working list of ideas.

Simplify existing workflows

Mostly this is reducing the number of links/pages to get where you need to go. Identifying common tasks and providing better access to contextual movement through Orion.

  • git branch management
  • commands available in more places, esp editor bug 361003

Demonstrate site-crossing workflows

This is identifying and implementing workflows that let you cross sites seamlessly while working with Orion. We need some workflow definitions for these, but ideas kicked around include:

  • clone a repo from bugzilla
  • use w3c validators for html in orion

Mobile friendly UI

This includes both mobile-specific layouts and techniques as well as general simplification/usability improvements that help on both the desktop and in mobile

  • get rid of unnecessary side panes (favorites, etc.)
  • device specific styling (fonts, text vs. icons, sizes, etc.)
  • address current command hover behavior

New function

New function that is important (maybe a more specific theme should be identified here...)

  • CSS tooling (CSS3 aware) - outliner, content assist, etc

Platform issues

  • dojo 1.7(.1?)

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