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This document is a place to brainstorm about what we want to do in 0.4.

See the official plan document here.


Most of the work in Orion should fall under some agreed upon themes for the release. This is a working list of ideas. If some themes can be coalesced into others that is fine. To start this is a fairly large list which needs to be prioritized.

Language Tooling

  • Need a parser that can handle errors [Mark, Jay]
  • Investigate CodeMirror modes support for language highlighting within the editor [Mark]
  • CSSLint a regular part of Orion CQ 5785 [John]
  • Validators for CSS, HTML, JavaScript [John, Mark]
  • Initial Browser debug communication and injection to handle console commands from Orion [Grant, Mike]


  • Update our 3rd party libraries including DoJo, RequireJS, JSDoc [Simon, John]
  • Closer alignment with OSGi services [Simon]
  • Authentication integration with service registry [Simon, Gosia]
  • Examine use of require.js and module granularity [Simon]
  • Investigate approaches to localization support [Simon]
  • Long running tasks bug 344148 bug 344012 [Susan, Gosia]
  • Search and replace improvements bug 359739 bug 344200 bug 334709 bug 362827 [Libing, John]
  • User access to preferences [Gosia]
  • There is also the Editor items under consideration here Editor Items for 0.4

User Experience


  • Improve build capabilities to remove reliance on shell access bug 348575 [John]
  • Improve the test coverage and capabilities bug 362805 [Simon]

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