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"Machbarkeitsstudie" (Feasibility Study) []
"Machbarkeitsstudie" (Feasibility Study) []
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[[Category:Super Community]]

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The openKonsequenz group collaborates on open source software modernizing the information technology that is needed for the power distribution networks of the 21st century.


Currently, most of the conversation is taking place in German language. Please visit the German Wiki Page for more information.



The group is exploring to become an Eclipse Working Group

Organization and Contact

For more information, contact ralph (dot) mueller (at) eclipse (dot) org

OpenKonsequenz WG Mailing List

Events, Activities and News

Mailing List:

Past News and Articles

Relevant Conferences



Related Eclipse Projects

External Links

Blog entry by Peter Herdt, N-ERGIE Netz GmbH Nov 26 Konsortiale Open-Source-Softwareentwicklung im Energiesektor

"Machbarkeitsstudie" (Feasibility Study) [1]

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