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* [ MoDisco Flyer-Poster]
* [ MoDisco Flyer-Poster]
=== How to start ? ===
=== How to download and install ? ===
* [[MoDisco/Installation|How to download and install MoDisco]]
* [[MoDisco/Installation|How to download and install MoDisco]]
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==== Release Train Required Documents====
==== Release Train Required Documents====
=====All releases=====
=====All releases=====
* [ Project Plan]
* [ Project Plan] (Deprecated project mangement tool)
* [ Project Plan]
* [[MoDisco/API_Policy|API Policy]]
* [[MoDisco/API_Policy|API Policy]]
* [[MoDisco/Unit_Tests|Running Unit Tests]]
* [[MoDisco/Unit_Tests|Running Unit Tests]]
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* [ API Report]
* [ API Report]
* [ integration tags]
* [ integration tags]
* [ IP Log]
===== GMT to MDT migration =====
===== GMT to MDT migration =====
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* [[MoDisco/JunoReview| Juno Review docuware]]
* [[MoDisco/JunoReview| Juno Review docuware]]
* [[Juno/Simultaneous_Release_Plan|Juno Simultaneous Release]] (Calendar)
* [[Juno/Simultaneous_Release_Plan|Juno Simultaneous Release]] (Calendar)
* [ Juno Project Plan for MoDisco]
* [ Kepler Project Plan for MoDisco]
* [[MoDisco/Restructuring_Reviews_MetaclassInstancesAdapter_From_MoDisco_To_EMF_Facet]]
* [ Luna Project Plan for MoDisco]
===== Project plan =====
Service, Support and Maintenance:
[;priority=P2;priority=P4;query_format=advanced;;bug_severity=blocker;bug_severity=critical;bug_severity=major;bug_severity=normal;bug_severity=minor;bug_severity=trivial;type0-0-0=substring;value0-0-0=kepler%2B;product=MDT.MoDisco committed],
[;query_format=advanced;;bug_severity=blocker;bug_severity=critical;bug_severity=major;bug_severity=normal;bug_severity=minor;bug_severity=trivial;type0-0-0=substring;value0-0-0=kepler%2B;product=MDT.MoDisco proposed],
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====Project Creation Documents====
====Project Creation Documents====

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MoDisco provides an extensible framework to develop model-driven tools to support use-cases of existing software modernization.


Modernizing an existing software system implies :

  • Describing the information extracted out of the artifacts of this system
  • Understanding the extracted information in order to take the good modernization decisions
  • Transforming this information to new artifacts facilitating the modernization (metrics, document, transformed code, ...)

To support these activities, MoDisco aims at providing :

  • Metamodels to describe existing systems
  • Discoverers to automatically create models of these systems
  • Generic tools to understand and transform complex models created out of existing systems
  • Use-cases illustrating how MoDisco can support modernization processes

To facilitate reuse of components between several modernization solutions, MoDisco is organized in three layers:

  • Use-Cases: tools providing a solution for a specific modernization use-case.

  • Technologies: components dedicated to one legacy technology but independent from any specific modernization use case.

  • Infrastructure: generic components independent from any legacy technology.


Reference Documentation

How to download and install ?


Screencasts & Slides

Project documents

Release Train Required Documents

All releases
GMT to MDT migration
Project plan

Service, Support and Maintenance: committed, proposed, deferred

Project Creation Documents


Getting involved

The MoDisco project is open to contributors!

What can you provide?

  • new modernization use-cases
  • extensions of MoDisco components
  • metamodels of legacy technologies
  • discoverers and model transformations

See the MoDisco Wishlist for ideas of contributions.

Get the source of MoDisco projects

See the SVN Howto

How to contribute your code?


Bugzilla Queries





Relationship with other Eclipse Projects

MoDisco reuses lots of EMP projects:

  • EMF to describe and manipulate models of existing systems.
  • M2M to implement transformation of models into other models
  • M2T to implement generation of text (documentation or code)

MoDisco also reuses other projects such as:

  • JDT to create models out of Java source code


MoDisco has been initiated by the AtlanMod Team (INRIA & Ecole des Mines de Nantes), and is now strongly supported by Mia-Software:

  • Hugo Bruneliere - AtlanMod (project co-leader)
  • Grégoire Dupé - Mia-Software (project co-leader)
  • Fabien Giquel - Mia-Software (committer)
  • Nicolas Bros - Mia-Software (committer)
  • Gabriel Barbier - Thales (committer)
  • Frédéric Madiot - Obeo (committer)

Components Infrastructure: KDM · SMM · GASTM · Model Browser · Discovery Manager · MoDisco Workflow · Query Manager · Facet Manager · Metrics Visualization Builder · KDM Source Extension
Technologies: Java · JEE · EjbJar · WebApp · XML
Use Cases: Simple Transformation Chain · Model Filter
Help Installation · SVN
Project API Policy · Retention Policy · Project Plan · metrics · Accessibility Guidelines · Capabilities Disablement

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