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Welcome to the JAX-WS Tools wiki. The JAX-WS Tools project is a member of the Web Tools Incubator. The goal of the project is to construct frameworks for the development of Eclipse-based tools for JAX-WS development of Web Services and to provide an example of how to use the frameworks.

The JAX-WS project code is based upon the rich framework set that is offered by the Web Tools Project and will extend it where necessary.

JAX-WS is a standardized set of extensions for Java to allow the construction of Java-based Web services using both POJO and WSDL interface approaches. It was developed to superceded the older JAX-RPC standard. See The JAX-WS FAQ for more details, or you can go the whole hog and download the JSR224 spec.

For our exemplar implementation, we're using Apache CXF, which is a top-notch implementation of the JAX-WS and other WS-* standards. There are other runtimes that support JAX-WS programming, such as Metro from SUN, and Apache Axis. If you are using one of those, and need the tools, we'll welcome any patches you might have for us!


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