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Hudson-ci/community meetings/Sep242012

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Hudson-bust.png Community Meeting 24-September-2012

Feel free to add you own points to discuss / questions to the following list. 


Status of 3.0 release down to 7 CQ still awaiting approval - provenance checking is underway by Eclipse team Duncan updating future plan document on plugin management, performance and scaling Winston has requested sandbox access for RC version Duncan updating RC3 and 3.0 release date 1st November (subject to CQ approvals)

Plugin Verification Oracle documentation resource is expected to be available w/c October 9th for wiki page updates Bob and Steve have almost finished verifying 50+ plugins for 3.0 (see wiki) Confluence plugin to be modified to reflect 2.x and 3.0 plugin verification

Bugzilla - Main buglink in hudson-ci points to Bugzilla - to be used for core issues only - problem is non-Eclipse commiters cannot close bugs (eg plugin developers) so need different soln for plugins

JIRA - remove update and create local accoutns to modify and point to Bugzilla for core bug entry - create local accounts in JIRA for updates to old bugs

Plugin Issues - Github - plugins are in github - use github issues for plugin bugs - modify plugin wiki page to point to github issues - Winston to work on modify plugin central page and the confluence plugin to point to github (for 3.0) - over time create a form in Hudson-ci to enter issues (version 3.1) - Need to educate users that core/plugin issues are entered in different places

Question from Henrik - is anyone using Zabbix monitoring?

Attendees Winston Prakash Geoff Waymark Bob Foster Henrik Lynggaard Hansen Greg Stachnick Susan Duncan

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