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Hudson-ci/Using Hudson

This page is currently a stub. It will be expanded as the content from | Using Hudson on the hudson-ci site is migrated locally.

Using Hudson


  • [Testing centered mediacast showing Hudson installation and basic features|HudsonDemo]

Tool Integration

Programming Language specific topics

  • [Hudson and PHP]

Extreme Feedback


  • [My software builds on my computer but not on Hudson]
  • [Spawning processes from build]
  • [Stopping build does not stop spawned processes - ProcessTreeKiller|ProcessTreeKiller]
  • [A thread hangs in forkAndExec on Solaris|Solaris Issue 6276483]
  • [Slave JVM freezes on Windows when started from SSH]
  • [Maven2 project and JDK5]
  • [I'm getting OutOfMemoryError]
  • [I'm getting too many open files error]
  • [I'm aborting a build but it's not happening. What's going on?|Aborting a build]
  • [IOException: Not enough space|IOException Not enough space]
  • [Running Hudson behind Apache]
  • [Running Hudson behind Squid]
  • [Trouble-shooting build hangs|Build is hanging]
  • [Hudson windows service fails to start]
  • [Windows slaves fail to start via DCOM]
  • [Windows slaves fail to start via ssh]
  • [Windows slaves fail to start via JNLP]
  • [JNA is already loaded]
  • [Show the names of jobs which do not load properly]
  • [Hudson reading old build results when starting up]

Mailing Lists


Most of the art work is derived from [Tango Project|http://tango.freedesktop.org/], and thus this portion of Hudson is covered by their license ([Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license|http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/]). The rest (that is, all the code, documents, build scripts, etc.) is covered by [the MIT license|http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php], unless otherwise stated in individual files