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Eclipse Techs For GWT/Databinding

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The main goal of this project is to make the current Eclipse-Databinding project compiled into JavaScript using the GWT-compiler. There are the following things to consider:

  1. GWT only provides a very small class lib (e.g. only ArrayList is available no LinkedList, no System.arraycopy)
  2. There are no threads, ... a possible solution to this could be later on Google-Gears

Porting process

  1. Copy over the whole databinding stuff to the required .client-package:
    • org.eclipse.core.runtime => org.eclipse.core.runtime.gwt.client
    • org.eclipse.core.databinding => org.eclipse.core.databinding.gwt.client
  2. Provide a replacement for Sytem.arraycopy (Maybe we could move them to a utility class?)
  3. Factor out not compilable code from Databinding and move the compilable code to base classes e.g. the whole auto-conversion stuff can't work in GWT (no BigDecimal, no NumberFormat, no DateFormat)
  4. Create a set of scripts to automatically create GWT-Lib from Databinding-Sources
  5. Explore whether there's a work-around client-package limitation