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Eclipse Techs For GWT


This is not part of the Official Databinding Effort lead by the Platform/UI-Team nor a project of the Eclipse-Team. The work done here is fairly experimental! It is a research project happening in the platform-incubator and at the current stage no deliverables, ... are planned.

What is Eclipse Techs for GWT

The target of Eclipse Techs for GWT is to make Eclipse Core technologies usable in GWT-Applications. Because GWT provides a very restrictive environment many Eclipse project do not compile with GWT out of the box.

Eclipse plugins targeted

The following plugins are the first target of our work where we are going to maintain a set of patches:

  • org.eclipse.core.runtime and org.eclipse.equinox.common (only the parts needed by projects)
  • org.eclipse.core.databinding
  • org.eclipse.core.emf.common and org.eclipse.core.emf.ecore

For the following plugins reimplementations with the same API are planned:

  • org.eclipse.jface (only viewers and some of the window-classes like ApplicationWindow)
  • org.eclipse.ui (ViewPart, Perspectives, ...)

You'll notice that SWT is not part of the porting effort currently because the amount of work needed to do so is too big. We have thought about different solutions to the problem e.g. provide an high-level API which works ontop of SWT and GWT but no final decision has been made

Setup instructions for devs

Set up GWT

The current port is targeted for GWT-1.5 which is not available currently so you have to fetch the sources from SVN and compile your own. The process of doing this is quite simple when you follow the instructions provided here.

Set up Eclipse

If you have GWT installed the next thing is to setup a variable named "GWT_USER" under "Preferences > Java > Build Path > Classpath Variables" pointing to your gwt-user.jar.

Project Organization

All the work done is part of the platform-incubator. You'll find the projects in cvs. The projects are Standard-Java-Projects and not OSGI-Plugins.

The projects provide normally the following things:

  • reimplementations for classes specific to GWT found in folder src
  • a set of patches to original sources found in patches
  • build.xml
    • fetch sources from CVS
    • applying patches
    • build-deliverables
  • Bugs are tracked in Bugzilla, with a prefix of [GWT]:

Package informations

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