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** Focussing on SpecJ benchmark runs
** Focussing on SpecJ benchmark runs
* Jar footprint reduction
* Jar footprint reduction
* QA, Testing
** Bug 374765 - EclipseLink 2.3 SDO server test failed on GlassFish
== DBWS  ==
== DBWS  ==

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Dial In Info:

  • please contact Peter Krogh for dial in information.

The EclipseLink committers have a regular meeting (currently weekly) to discuss ongoing development issues and projects. All interested parties are welcome to attend. If you have any additional items you wished discussed please add them at the bottom of the agenda including a brief description and any relevant links. Alternatively development issues can be discussed on the EclipseLink Dev mailing list.

* When adding agenda items please send an email to the list notifying attendees. This will ensure attendees are aware of agenda items prior to the meeting.

Call Schedule

The calendar is available in the following formats:
Ical.gifiCal,Xml.gifATOM News Feed,Html.gifHTML

Agenda June 14, 2012

11 am EST, Thurs

Ad Hoc

Review of 2.4 Dev page:

Please ensure that this page has tasks that are scheduled for 2.4.

Release Planning

  • 2.3.4 - GA ??
    • M1 - ??
  • 2.4.1 - GA ??
    • M1 - Pending
  • 2.5.0 - GA ??
    • M1 - Jul 4 (Complete)
    • M2 - Pending
  • Juno SR1 - Sept! (Milestone dates are when contibution is due)
    • SR1-RC1+1 - Sept

Migration to Git


Aug 2 - 9, 2012:

  • EclipseLink Nightly Results (Updated on 2012-08-09)
    • trunk - 1 new failure with oracle-extension testing - investigating; 1 new failures with jpa-lrg - investigating; all DBWS example testing failed on all application servers due to failing to install DBWS examples - QA will fix it, need to verify in the next build. (the last build is 2012-08-09)
    • 2.4.1 - jpars test failed with JavaSE - fixed by QA, need to verify in the next build; 4 new failures with jpa on MySQL - investigating; one DBWS example testing failed on all application servers - QA is investigating, and will fix it soon. (the last build is 2012-08-04)
    • 2.3.4 - no new issue.  (the last build is 2012-08-03)
  • Testing
    • Triage workload high last week
  • Test Dev
    • Metadata caching
      • Test spec in progress
    • Cache co-ordination tests on WLS clusters -- in progress - eta: Aug 10
  • Test infrastructure
  • This week:
    • Metadata caching test spec
    • DBWS examples - modify scripts to align to recent refactoring
      • Need scripting work on QA side, and some refactoring of dependencies
    • New Oracle-specific DBWS test suite - will require some QA work to integrate into nightly test runs
  • Backlog:
    • Add JBoss 7 to nightly testing
    • DBWS tests on JBoss 7
    • Investigating Enable JPA 1.0 TCK on GlassFish v3
    • Review table-per-tenant functionality
    • Enable JPA 1.0 TCK on GlassFish v3
    • 370988 - JAX-RS tests need to be separate project in order to avoid dependency issues in Eclipse IDE
    • oracle specific tests failures on GlassFish - tried suggestions from dev, but not successful - on hold
    • optimize setup/teardown of JAXB junit testcases


Aug 2, 2012:

  • Milestone Releases
    • None (on hold)
    • Next: 2.4.1 M!, 2.5.0 M2
  • Remove old build pathways
    • converting Oracle build to Tycho problematic
      • holding in preference to Git migration
  • Git Build migration
    • Migrated to Eclipse Hudson Server for nightly builds (
      • Builds and tests running.
        • for master (trunk) and 2.4; 2.3 is still migrating
      • publishing
        • Archive publish to download complete and automated web generation is active.
        • P2 complete as well.
        • Maven generation has all pieces needed, but still needs some work to complete.
        • Milestone promotion dependent upon resolving all of the above.


  • 2.5
    • MetaData caching checked in
    • JPA 2.1 work progress.
      • Stored Procedure
  • JPA-RS



2.4 features


  • Performance
    • Focussing on SpecJ benchmark runs
  • Jar footprint reduction


DBWS Development DBWS Roadmap

2.5 feature planning

  • JAX-RS support
  • Conversion from native metadata
  • Ability to query across D/B schema's

EclipseLink Incubator


  • Time to create separate sub-project for incubator
    • Increase community of committers
    • Try out GIT & eGit/jGit tooling in incubator?


  • DBWS Doc: in review
  • Updating JPA Extensions Guide to include EL persistence property extensions. In review

Bug Status

Bug reports

Foundation and JPA

Bugs By Target and Priority

Resolved Bugs

Created Bugs


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