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This pages lists the IDE functions to support development of EDT:RUI (Rich UIs) application.

IDE Functions

Function Area Function Sizing 0.7 1.0 Future
Rich UI RUI preference pages
3d In Plan bug 352767

Visual Edtior
8d In Plan bug 352757

EGL Data View
2d In Plan bug 352761

Properties View support for VE
2d In Plan bug 352763

new Rich UI Handler,Widget wizard
2d In Plan bug 352751

Allow user to input a "base package" in new project wizard
In Plan bug 352765

Rich UI Widgets Runtime Widget Project, EGL & Dojo
5d In Plan bug 351279

Import widget library in new project wizard
2d In Plan bug 352764

Combine dojo runtime project and widget project

In Planbug 352816

Upgrade Dojo mobile widgets to 1.7

In Plan bug 351299

Notes on IDE RUI Functions

  1. to be added