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EDT:RUI (Rich UIs)

This is a draft document and is a work-in-progress.


EGL RUI (Rich UIs) allows you to build modern Rich Internet Applications that are written entirely in EGL (rather than having to learn and keep up with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript).  

The Visual Editor (VE) provides a what-you-see-is-what-you-get experience in composing and laying out RUIs. 


This section is to document stories & scenarios that are essentially in-plan.

Story:  Hello, World

As an EGL developer, I can build a "Hello, World" web application in which a user inputs their name, and I can implement a service that responds with the user's input prepended with "Hello, ".

(This video for EGL Community Edition 1.0 provides a good illustration of this scenario, although there will be some changes and some improvements.)

Scenario: Hello, world
Scenario: Hello, world with a Database

Story:  Import Widget projects as an EGLAR

[If this is really a story (instead of a feature), need details]

Story:  RUI Technical Sample

[need details]

Story:  Dojo Technical Sample

[need details]

Future Epics

User stories which are not in-plan at this time.

Additional Features

Below is a hierarchy of miscellaneous features that are not Future Epics and which are not identified in any of the user stories in Requirements (above).

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