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DSDP/TM/Committer Phone Meeting 12-Dec-2007

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Meeting Title: TM Committer Phone Meeting
Date & Time: Wednesday Dec 12, 2007 at 1600 UTC / 1100 Eastern
Dial-in: Martin to call everybody by Skype

Backup dial-in: International +44 (0)1452 567588 / Freephone +1 (866) 6161738 / UK 08712460713 / Passcode: 0587322148 #

MartinO to start conference call - please dial in using the numbers above.
Please be available for Skype Chat in parallel to the call. MartinO will start Skype chat just prior to call.
Skype dial-in: martin.oberhuber, ddykstal (or david_dykstal), david-k-mcknight, kushal.munir, kevin.j.doyle, xuan.chen886, rupen.mardirossian, javier.montalvoorus, tedatteddotnet, michael_scharf, and uwe.stieber.


  • IBM - Xuan Chen, Dave McKnight, Kevin Doyle, Dave Dykstal, Rupen Mardirossian
  • Wind River - Martin Oberhuber, Uwe Stieber, Michael Scharf
  • Symbian - Javier Montalvo Orus

This is an Open call, so anyone else can join (though we expect the talk to be interesting for committers only).


Current Work

  • Skype Call Quality
  • Planning - AI Martin to write up what we discussed in Toronto
    • Ganymede M4: +1 is on Dec 17, +2 is on Jan 7
  • Bug Fixing - Remember our 2-fix-per-week / 3 unittests-per-milestone plan
  • DaveD: - bug 160403 Filters should be connection-private by default
    • Hi-Pri P2/Major bugs
    • Finished majority of release work for IBM should now be able to concentrate on TM 100%. Will be working between Christmas and New Year's Day.
  • DaveM: -
    • bug 209704 - Contribute encoding conversion extension point
    • bug 209703 - Can one property page affect the contents of another property page?
  • Kevin: - bug 208778 EFS#APPEND
  • Xuan: -
  • Javier: -
  • Martin: - Need to put Project Plan on the Web; Update Releng scripts to automatically run unit tests at night
  • Uwe: -
  • Rupen: - bug 210682 - Multi-file conflict resolution on Copy
  • Michael: -
  • Questions - support Mac OS as secondary platform

Secondary platform definition: For all IES problems on a Secondary Platform/JRE, first an attempt must be made to replicate the problem on a Primary Platform/JRE. If it can be replicated on a Primary Platform/JRE then it will be entered into the standard Primary Platform/JRE support process and prioritized accordingly. If it cannot be reproduced on a Primary Platform/JRE, then the Eclipse team will rely on the submitter for platform/JRE expertise and equipment to de-bug the problem. It will be added to the support queue, and prioritized with all outstanding defects

Vacation, Away

Action Items

  • Last Meeting Action Items
  • DaveD: fixes, unit tests
  • DaveM: Ask committers about multi-property-dialog; fixes, unit tests; ask Violaine about bug 209704
  • Xuan: fixes, unit tests
  • Kevin: fixes, unit tests
  • Martin: Update bugzilla's; Write-up TM 3.0 Plan; Look at PropertyDescriptor issues; unit tests; Releng Fixes, Newsgroup
  • Javier: fixes, unit tests; document the Symbian internal test setup similar to CVS -- see also CVS_Development#Testing
  • Michael: Terminal improvements

Next Meeting