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DSDP/PMC/PMC Minutes 8May08


World Clock

Dial-in Info

  • US: 800-741-0846
  • International: 706-679-9532
  • Passcode: 7817182169#

Invited Attendees

  • Eric Cloninger
  • Doug Gaff
  • Christian Kurzke
  • Shigeki Moride
  • Martin Oberhuber
  • Pawel Piech
  • Mark Rogalski
  • Dave Russo

New Business

  • Voting
    • Please register a link to your votes on the main PMC page.
  • From last meeting
    • All: Review revised development process: bug 220871 Dev Process Link
    • All: Review standard project plan format discussion bug 215301. First implementation in June.
    • EPP package for embedded and mobile development
    • Inactive committers cleanup
    • Search CVS
  • DSDP site mainteance
    • Fabio can ask for commit rights, as can anyone else who wants to maintain the main web page.
  • Project Updates (copied from last meeting so we can review the action items)
    • DD (Doug reported for Pawel)
      • Working on 1.0 in Ganymede.
      • 1.1 release planned for Fall - Ericsson and WR both need.
      • Disasm view is last major feature.
    • eRCP
      • 1.2 release coming up in July
      • Move to RT project after 1.2 release
      • Terminal on eRCP - Martin filed a bug to help strip this down. Needs some advice. Mark: Please take a look at Martin's bug. bug 168197
      • eRCP in OSGi standardization. Mark: please organize a call with Ed Cobb, Doug Gaff, Jeff McAfer to discuss board vote on standardization.
      • P3ML in eRCP - still need a call with Philippe Krief. Mark: please check in with Philippe on approval for P3ML in eRCP.
      • Build: native weekly builds post to cvs. After builds are done, hook up with Ted.
      • Mark: follow up with Sprint and Prosyst on EPL redistribution requirements as discussed on PMC call.
    • MTJ (no update)
    • NAB (no update)
      • Doug thinks they need to go 1.0. Technology is mature. Transparency issues are partially cultural.
      • Doug: follow up with Shigeki about going to 1.0.
    • RTSC
      • Created last week.
      • Dave: organize an open technical call to follow up on technical questions from the creation review.
      • Dave: follow up with TI on EPL and run-time components of RTSC as discussed on PMC call.
    • TM
      • Delay M6 by one week to clean up API. Using new API tooling from SDK.
      • M7 is feature freeze. Still lots of work to do. 50 bugs.
      • WinCE subsystem contribution. Rado will become a committer. Marked as incubation.
      • RSE terminal integration is also in. Working as a prototype right now. Marked as incubation. More bug fixes.
      • Open question around dual-license of the TCF agent.
      • Proposed Felix Burton to become a TCF committer, mostly focused on plain C agent. Martin: circulate a separate vote for Felix Burton in parallel to TM vote.
      • Google SoC mentor. Integration of RSE and Platform Team synchronization. Update/download of whole file trees will work. Folder comparison and synchronization in sync view. Student from Japan accepted. 3 hours per day for project. 12 weeks $4500 to student, $500 for mentor. there are 20 slots and 30 projects. Decisions will be decided on Friday. Martin's project is on the edge. Martin is concerned about student's time and responsiveness.
    • TmL (no update)
      • Doug relayed Christian's desire to have Eric Cloninger as the new lead for TmL.
      • Christian: nominate Eric as a commiter on Tml using Portal. Also circulate a vote on the PMC to make Eric the TmL lead and to add him to the PMC.

Old Business

  • Upcoming events (not discussed)
  • (Deferred) Introducing the VPP proposed project and Mark Burton
  • General stuff
    • NAB: Feedback comes from WS community, which is why dev list is so quiet. All feedback is in Japanese. Bugzilla can't work because interface is in English, which is a problem. Doug to follow up with Bjorn and Denis
    • DSDP Website - dynamic content
    • eclipse.dsdp Newsgroup - dynamic content
    • DSDP Info center
      • Instructions
      • eRCP, NAB, MTJ?
      • AI: eRCP - work on posting info center docs after 1.0 release

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