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June Aperi Web conference

  • Event will be held on June 27 at 11am (Central Daylight Time).

Description and Objective of Webcast

One-hour global Web conference consisting of:

  • Overview presentation of Aperi, including project status, accomplishments/milestones, roadmap, etc.
  • Live demonstration of Aperi code (Presentation draft)
  • Commercial vendor to discuss how they have used Aperi
  • Q&A

A recording will be available to accomodate those who aren't able to make the June 27 event.

*Objective: Educate interested parties on what Aperi and progress to date

Weekly working sessions for the June 27 Web conference are scheduled for the next several Friday's 3-4 pm (EDT) and open for all community participants.

Call-in details are as follows: 877-421-0038; Participant Passcode: 232443

Events where you might see Aperi demonstrations

Academic Outreach: Project Ideas

Presentations: Working slides on Aperi benefits for vendors

Education: Education materials for the Aperi user.

Webcast options