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Webcast options

Quote basis:

I asked for quotes from the three companies below for the following:

  • A single 1 hour session that includes a Powerpoint presentation, a demo and a Q & A session. We would want people to have the ability to ask questions during the PP and demo as well.
  • Up to 3 speakers (in different locations)
  • 50 attendees (40 US, 10 international)
  • A playback available afterward of the whole session on the web (audio and video) If there is a monthly/yearly charge to host this, we would want that priced as well. If we can host it ourselves at Eclipse, that would be better.


  • Web 0.10 cents per minute
  • Audio 0.24 cents per minute (full service operator assisted)
  • $0.34 (total Audio and Web) cents a minute x 50 participants x 60 minutes = $1020.00 approx.
  • Quote is for basic web conference with a teleconference.
  • They can host the replay for $6.00 a month or we can download it and host it ourselves.

Tom's note: They will help with the webcast, but do not have a 'producer' like the other two. We are on our own. See producer description below.


  • Contacts: Jeanine Rockwell
  • Webcast estimate: $2,225.00 (with producer), $1500.00 (without producer)
  • Participants link to an IP address and the program asks for their telephone number and calls them.
  • They can host the replay for a nominal monthly fee or we can download it and host it ourselves.
  • Commented that their web casting performance is the best in the business, including overseas.

Producer: A producer handles the set up of the web cast through the final production of the replay. They set up the call and webcast, hold an initial dry run, provide recommendations on content changes and organization, hold follow-up dry runs until session is satisfactory, personally host the call, record the event, then they edit the recording so the final replay product is clean.


  • (in conjunction with) Collaboration central:
  • Contacts: Hilary Hutson (IBM), Joanne Dennis (ON24)
  • A typical live 1 hour audio webcast hosted live using ON24's service is $4820, which could include live Q&A, polling, survey, vanity URL, and a replay. For an additional $2000, they can add an event management service as an option. The Event Manager would provide us with up to 20 hours of a project management, vendor management, tools training, and project reviews to ensure the event goes smoothly. This is like the 'producer' role above.
  • They also gave me a quote for an 'on demand' (think pre-recorded) 1 hour audio webcast hosted on for approx $2000. They would record the speakers, produce the webcast landing page, and host the webcast for 12 months for this price.


  • ( now part of Intercall)
  • Contact: Jason Sturniolo
  • They have different packages based on precious metals - silver, gold, platinum. The Gold package is similar to the above type of monitored call and includes six months of hosting for about $2000. Allen is looking into the requirements for usres to gain access to a call.

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