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(Key Documents Under Discussion)
(Key Documents Under Discussion)
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[http://wiki.eclipse.org/images/c/cb/Overview_Slides-June_14_07.pdf Webcast Overview presentation draft]
[http://wiki.eclipse.org/images/c/cb/Overview_Slides-June_14_07.pdf Webcast Overview presentation draft]
[http://wiki.eclipse.org/images/2/26/Letter_to_Software_Vendors-DRAFT-Jun15.pdf Draft Letter to Software vendors at SNW]
[http://wiki.eclipse.org/images/5/5b/Letter_to_Hardware_Vendors-DRAFT-JUN15.pdf Draft Letter to Hardware vendors at SNW]
[http://wiki.eclipse.org/images/a/a1/Letter_to_End_Users-Short-DRAFT-JUN15.pdf Draft Letter to End users at SNW]

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July Aperi Web conference

  • Event will be held on July 11 at 11am (Central Daylight Time).

Key Documents Under Discussion

Webcast Overview presentation draft

Draft Letter to Software vendors at SNW

Draft Letter to Hardware vendors at SNW

Draft Letter to End users at SNW

Description and Objective of Webcast

One-hour global Web conference consisting of:

  • Overview presentation of Aperi, including project status, accomplishments/milestones, roadmap, etc. (10 min.) (Presentation draft)
  • Live demonstration of Aperi code, including steps on how to get started (15-20 min.)
  • Novell to show how they have used Aperi with their SuSE Linux distribution (10 min.)
  • Q&A (10-15 min.)

A recording will be available to accomodate those who aren't able to make the live event.

*Objective: Educate interested parties on what Aperi is, progress to date, and how to get started

Weekly working sessions for the event are scheduled for the next several Friday's 3-4 pm (EDT) and open for all community participants.

Call-in details are as follows: 877-421-0038; Participant Passcode: 232443

Events where you might see Aperi demonstrations

Academic Outreach: Project Ideas

Presentations: Working slides on Aperi benefits for vendors

Education: Education materials for the Aperi user.

Webcast options