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Workspace 3.6 Development Plan draft. Some items listed below can end up in the official 3.6 component plan.

If you are not a member of the Platform Workspace Team and you want to add your work to the plan, please follow the steps below.

  1. Raise a bug in the bugzilla describing the issue you want to solve (if not already raised).
  2. Update appropriate section with your bug. If no section matches your issue, add new section.
  3. Place your contact details (name, bugzilla id, email) next to the bug.
  4. Right after any visible traffic on the bug occurs, a Platform Workspace team member will update the plan.


  1. Adding an item to the plan is a strong commitment!
  2. The Platform Workspace team reserves the right to decide what is published on the dev plan page.

Content Type

  • Ok green.gif[0.05] [Content Type] ContentTypeMatcher does too much work bug 182337 <- plan
  • [Content Type] Support files without extensions bug 46297
  • Ok green.gif[0.05] [Content Type] ContentTypeCatalog causes deadlock (regression from 269158) bug 283163 <- plan
  • [Content Type] simpler implementation of XMLRootElementContentDescriber bug 92617

Builder Framework

  • More efficient and parallel builds
  • Build before launch takes 10s for a runtime workbench bug 261225 (Dani P2)

Flexible Resources

  • Ok green.gif[0.75] Merge e4 resources changes back into 3.x stream bug 284148 <- plan
  • [1] Support physical nesting of projects bug 245412 <- plan

Other Resources

  • Ok green.gif[Linked Resources] If .project file edit fails, linked resource shows up anyway under certain conditions bug 264182 <- plan
  • IResource#move(..) and #delete(..) fail on locked files on the Mac bug 254444 (Dani P2)
  • Job#isBlocking doesn't work for all cases (bug 60964, reason is bug 60964: Update and Replace operations should terminate blocking build job) (Dani P3)

History and History View Improvements

  • Ok green.gif[History] Allow to never prune history bug 274262 (Dani P2)
  • [History] Ability to pin a specific version in local history bug 221835
  • [History View] CVS Resource History shows revisions from all branches bug 76386
  • [History] History Store "max states" policy enforcement bug 66371
  • [History] "Maximum entries per file" for the history is not respected bug 208754
  • [History] History Store "oldest entry" policy enforcement could be smarter bug 66370
  • [History] Local History should tell that too large file versions were skipped bug 166376
  • [History] Set Maximum Size for a given workspace's local history bug 211468

Java Compare Improvements

Compare Editor

  • [Edit] Enhanced text compare bug 259410
  • Use views to present Structure Compare viewers
  • Outline view for the Compare Editor (showing changes with an option to switch to a structure viewer) bug 49915
  • [Sync View] Migrate Compare with Each Other to the Synchronize view bug 193321
  • [Structure Viewers] Reconcile structure upon document changes bug 165434
  • [Patch] Generate diff from "Compare With" bug 71374
  • Use MultiEditor as base class of CompareEditor, compose Compare Editor of editors not source viewers (even if they are retrieved from editors) bug 278005
  • Consider removing resource listener for those viewers that are backed by a TextFileDocumentProvider bug 273046 comment 10
  • Deprecate ResourceCompareInput bug 256805 comment 1
  • Ok green.gifNPE on "Override and update" bug 273951
  • Do not schedule diffs computation in the UI thread (don't use IProgressService), use IJobRunnable instead bug 273951 comment 5
  • Regressions introduced by SaveablesCompareEditorInput bug 275153
  • Compare editor on local file: 'Open' action should set selection bug 267171 (Dani P2)

Create and Apply Patch

  • Apply patch in Sync view
    • Ok green.gif[Patch][Sync View] Use Synchronize View for Apply Patch bug 236169
    • [Apply Patch] Compare current workspace against a patch bug 198149 <- use case (Dani P2)
  • Improve applying patches with non-matching hunks:
    • [Viewers] Hunk compare editor should help the user when context lines don't match bug 196228
      • [Patch] Indicate the offset used to match bug 205762
      • [Apply Patch] Show initial insertion point for a hunk bug 217075
      • [Patch] Indicate the offset used to match bug 205762
      • [Apply Patch] Show which context lines has been applied with a fuzz factor bug 217076
    • [Patch] Use PopupDialog to display patch/hunk content in the Apply Patch wizard bug 222242
  • Actions prior applying a patch:
    • [Patch] Apply patch forces me to save all files bug 108078
    • [Patch] Select current project when creating a patch in workspace bug 227788
    • [Apply Patch] Add option to filter out closed project when applying a patch bug 227775
    • or add option to open a closed project (opening a project is a long-running op, will block applying patch for a while)
  • Fuzz factor:
    • [Apply Patch] Wizard should warn about fuzz factor >= available context lines count bug 283327
    • [Apply Patch] Usability of the Fuzz Factor widget bug 190431 -> spinner
    • Apply Patch with Fuzz factor 100000 is long running bug 223317
  • Hunks navigation/selection:
    • Poor keybard nav in patch compare - remove need for double click bug 276321
    • [Apply Patch] Preview should be possible by single clicking in Apply Patch Wizard bug 189513
    • [Patch] Apply Patch -> Verify Patch page could do with a Select/De-Select all button bug 79954
    • Use CheckboxTreeViewer in Apply Patch wizard, use checkboxes to exclude/include hunk
    • [Apply Patch] Use faded font to identify excluded resources bug 169439 could be fixed by the bug above
    • [Apply Patch] Finish button should be disabled when all segments excluded bug 215200
  • Actions after applying a patch:
    • [Patch] Option to open affected files after applying patch bug 86345
    • [Change Sets] Create change set on apply patch bug 117298 (Dani P3)

Merge Viewers Switching

  • [Viewers][Preferences] Customize and persist the way *MergeViewers are picked and used in compare bug 271120
  • Selection issue when switching between Structure Merge Viewers bug 272668
  • [Viewers] Disable merge viewer drop down menu when empty bug 273234
  • Duplicated code in CompareUIPlugin bug 269959


  • [Net] Add a facility to set a custom proxy provider bug 257443
  • Ok green.gif[Net] Provide a way for clients to authenticate with NTLM scheme bug 269832

CVS Support Improvements

  • [Sync View] Regressions in model sync when compare to old style sync bug 172027
    • [Sync View] Cannot change resource model layout during share bug 133124
    • see other blockers
    • Ok green.gif[0.05] CVS Commit Files dialog should support Logical Model bug 124039 <- plan
    • [0.05] CVS Repository view support for Logical Model bug 271137 <- plan
    • [SyncView] Help should describe various models and what do they mean bug 287064
  • [0.05] Enhanced global pattern capability bug 279111 <- plan
  • [Change Sets] Support drag'n'drop with items into outgoing change sets bug 111936
  • Ok green.gif[0.05] Branch creation problem in CVS bug 263702 <- plan
  • CVS tag deletion bug 73032
  • [Merge] CVS substituted keywords treated as conflicts bug 36436
  • Support binary patches bug 257263 (Dani P2)
  • Ok green.gifCreate Patch should sort diffs by file path bug 210627 (Dani P2)

Team Framework Improvements

  • Share project with linked resources and EFS resources
  • [0.05] Import PSF from URL bug 162608
  • Offer Team actions in compare editor bug 286219 (Dani P1)
  • Ok green.gif[Sync View] "Link with Editor" for Synchronize view bug 219570 (Dani P1)
  • Ok green.gifEnable 'Apply Patch' on working sets bug 239003 (Dani P1)
  • [Change Sets] Change sets should be persisted when they are changed bug 98299 (Dani P2)


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