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WTP e4 Feedback


 We'll use this wiki to gather feedback, defects, issues, and general discussion around e4.  We'll continue to gather comments, and open defects to track specific issues. ( No deadline, but will revisit often)

Feedback - please open defects for specific issues

  • UI sluggishness:  Changing perspectives, we have noticed a lag repainting the top level action bar<cdb - 1/24> The lag has recently improved - I won't open a bugzilla, but will keep testing this in future milestones</cdb - 1/24>
  • UI contrast:  By default, the workbench windows seem to be washed out, with the edges, and menu bar's hard to locate. Workaround by changing themes/preferences (Choosing theme Windows 7 classic solves most contrast issues) This bug is related to the default themes and how to customize
  • UI sluggishness:  Seems more sluggish opening editors.
  • UI changes: Preference menu item mnemonic was removed 368494

Tracking Defects

Current list marked with wtp4x

As you open bugs about 4.2 Platform (or "e4") that affect WTP, be sure to mark them as "blocking" bug 334303. This feeds into a nice tree view of bugs remaining for Platform compatibility issues as well as a view of work that has been accomplished already.

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