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VJET/Release Notes/0.10

support for multiple var statement

400719 [bug] Formatting does not work with var a,b;

400718[enhancement]VJETDoc multiple var typing

402452[formatting] Add new line after comma in multi var statement

399429[enhancement] Improve inference for - Chained var declaration/ref/assign issue

402153[bug] initializer for for loops and vjetdoc

javascript formatter enhancements

400271 JSdoc comments are formatted incorrectly

Code assist improvements

401466 [bug] No proposal after dot in col 1

402069[bug] infix _expression_ not inferred correctly

402161[enhancement] this in object literal no assist/validation of properties

402165[enhancement] Known prototype properties should be proposed

Inference / vjetdoc enhancements

402162[enhancement] Undefined type

402158[bug] Function references for globals are binding to the wrong type they are binding to the function’s return type

402157[enhancement] new Object() without vjetdoc infer as Undefined type

401565[bug] vjetdoc Function[] gives invalid error

401471First line vjetdoc type not understood

402368VJETDoc issue in for loop and for in loop

399755[bug] for in with array is resolving to String


400160[performance] To populate source lines in JstSource use ast recordLineSeparator

Refactoring name of class

399805Support refactor->Rename from right click menu in js file.

Validation improvements

403285 [enhancement] Support for factory functions

399809dead code false positive in try catch scenario

401484otype references false positive warnings

401473 [bug] warning about initializing rule false positive

399415JS parser grammar issue

402070[bug] Object.constructor should be Function not Object

403500Headless validation incorrect file being reported

403061Allow conversion from Arguments to Array

401380[bug] must be a number false warning

402472[validation] cannot convert from Object to js.Object these should be treated the same

Other VJET improvements

399432 [enhancement] Show functions in outline

402163 [bug] When F3 on Object get OOM

401483NPE in JstExpressionTypeLinkerHelper.isEqualMethodArgs(JstExpressionTypeLinkerHelper.java:2995)

400282Text hover NPE error

401135VjetProjectSet.psf missing

403508Initial vjet build gives this error with initial workspace empty after build again error goes away

402150[bug] Copy and paste into Script Explorer not showing new file

399171[bug] executing JsLibPreBuild....

399143[bug] Default format preferences are not read in by default

400962VJET 0.10.0 parser improvements

402486String.match should be overloaded and return String[]