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Outdated page

This page contains obsolete information about the VPM based VIATRA2 and preserved for archive purposes only.
The currently maintained wiki is available at http://wiki.eclipse.org/VIATRA

Getting VIATRA2

Refer to the Installation page for instructions on obtaining and installing VIATRA2.

Learning to use VIATRA2

For new users of VIATRA2, we recommend the following introductory material:

  • VIATRA2 is a Model Transformation (MT) tool. The concept of model transformation is explained in the Model Transformations Intro.
  • The Using Transformations page presents a tutorial on using existing VIATRA2 transformations. Covers the user interface basics, including an example-guided exercise about loading instance models, exploring the model space, running a ready-made transformation and extracting its output.
  • The Model Editing page gives an intro on models in VIATRA2. Features a more in-depth introduction to the VIATRA2 model space, including the VPM metamodel, structure, as well as UI support for browsing and editing.

Learning transformation development

  • Basics concepts of the VIATRA2 transformation language are introduced in the Creating Transformations page.
  • Afterwards, to learn transformation development, the Hello World tutorial is the place to start. Includes a walk-through of creating and populating a model space with a very simple model, the creation of a "Hello World!" transformation, and two more transformation programs for demonstrating the concepts of pattern matching and model manipulation.
  • Next, we recommend proceeding to the Case Studies page, where numerous example transformations are showcased. It is especially useful to start with the Activity Diagrams to Petri Nets transformation, which is a very simple tutorial intended for learners, and includes a small exercise.