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Debugger Tooling

The EMF-IncQuery debugger tooling aims to provide useful functionalities for the users, so that they can easily observe the contents of the EMF-IncQuery related artifacts when the program execution has stopped at a breakpoint. The plan is to provide three kinds of support for debugging:

  • Possibility to explore the contents of the EMF instance models
  • Navigation in the contents of EMF-IncQuery pattern matcher engines (matchers, matches, match parameters, etc)
  • Navigation in the contents of EMF-IncQuery Rule Engines

Usage (run from source):

  1. launch runtime Eclipse from source (on host Eclipse)
  2. place brakepoint in code (e.g. in a @Test in the imported School example)
    • note: generated projects can cause NoClassDefFoundErrors
  3. run required plugins (e.g. as JUnit-Plugin Test) in Debug Mode
    • note: in special cases you can run your application in headless mode

Emf incquery debugger tooling.PNG

For more information see also EMFIncQuery/UserDocumentation/DebuggerTooling

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