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  • Documentation
    • TODO (Balázs): Add user documentation for local search features
    • Viewers:
      • Maintainer needed to make it end-user feature
      • Would be a very nice feature
      • Currently internal feature
    • Testing: mostly up-to-date
    • Adapters: follows current code updates
  • Annotation errors
    • TODO: Let’s update validator to report annotation errors as warnings
  • Issues created for course materials feedback
  • VIATRA Github organization
  • Transformation debugger
    • prepare() does not create matchers in engine (getMatchers() return empty list)
    • Enhance behavior in 1.3 timeframe
      • Initialize base index, rete, matchers (whichever level is requested)
  • Testing, Sonar
    • RCPTT tests ported to CPS and extended
    • Build job running, code coverage in Sonar
    • TODO look at Sonar and see if there are any other easy to cover parts
      • Exclude emf-gen directories?
  • Local search issue
    • Requires a large refactoring on internal API
    • TODO Balázs: review change before merging if planned for 1.2.0
  • Rete visualizer
    • TODO discuss with Gaben if shadowed recipes and related issues could be handled in some way
  • Release planning
    • We still have a small chance for the April 28th release
    • TODO when should we branch 1.2-maintenance for the release?

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