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VE Palette

The Palette is a specialized form of GEF Viewer that is used to define GEF Tools. The Eclipse VE palette entries are defined by an EMF model, This EMF model describes the elements that make up a palette and the relationship between them. These include;-

  • Container - a grouping of other entries that is non-collapsible
  • Drawer - a grouping of other entries that is collapsible
  • ToolEntry, EMFCreationToolEntry, SelectionCreationToolEntry, etc. - various different types of entries that define a particular GEF Tool

The various entries that appear in the palette when Eclipse Visual Editor is opened are defined by xmi palette files. Palette entries that define the extension point can specify a palette element that points to an xmi file. This xmi file is then used to add palette entries.

The same extension point can also be used to define an instance of that can be used to remove palette categories from the palette even if they have been defined by other plug-ins.

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