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VE Override and ecore files

Structural changes can be made to the VE Model by adding EStructuralFeatures to a class or by including a new ecore model. These structural changes also need to be supported in other architectural components such as EditParts and Decoders that will read and update the model. Override files use the EMF Change Model to change the model for a particular class.

Illustration 6:The role of override and ecore files

Illustration 6 shows how plug-ins extending Eclipse VE can provide override files and dynamic EMF ecore models that provide information about how a class will be handled by VE. The following information about the order of merging .override files is provided in the JEM beaninfo extension point description. 'The only order guarantee is that contributions from this extension point will be processed in plug-in order of where the extension was declared. For example if there was an extension declared in plug-in A and in plug-in B, and plug-in B requires plug-in A, then the extensions declarations in plug-in A will be processed before the extension declarations in plug-in B'.