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Using IntelliJ IDEA plugin

What's this?

This IDEA plugin makes it easy to develop Hudson and its plugins on IntelliJ IDEA, for which JetBrains kindly provided us a free license.

This plugin has the following features:

  • Ctrl+B navigation from the Jelly tags to their definitions
  • Error checks and auto completion on attributes and elements of taglibs.
  • Syntax error checks on JEXL expressions
  • "Go to stapler view" to jump from a Java class to its views (Ctrl+Shift+P)
  • Select a string expression, then "Refactor" > "i18n for Stapler" to create a message resource.


Is the following still true? The attached plugin looks like version 1.5 from December, but a version 1.6.2 from January is available via the normal install method from the IntelliJ plugin repository.

Download and extract this in your ~/.IntelliJIdea90/config/plugins directory. Upon the successful extraction, you'll see a file like ~/.IntelliJIdea90/config/plugins/idea-stapler-plugin/lib/idea-stapler-plugin.jar.

  • Because of a bug in the IntelliJ IDA plugin repository, we are currently unable to host this plugin there.
  • On MacOS (10.6), that plugins directory is, e.g., /Applications/IntelliJ IDEA
  • On Windows, the plugins directory is, e.g., C:\Program Files\IntelliJ IDEA 9.0.3\plugins.

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