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RTSC Real-Time Software Components for embedded systems
D-PACK DSDP Packaging is a proposed open-source sub-project under the Device Software Development Platform top-level project. The goal of this project is to enable multiple entry-level distributions of Eclipse that respectively provide turnkey environments for very specific developer communities found in the broader embedded systems marketplace.

Talks & Papers

Document Description
RTSC-Pedia Wiki containing all RTSC documentation: tutorial primers, user's guides, FAQs, etc.
EclipseCon 2009 Presentations Getting started with RTSC component development, and Real-time monitoring of RTSC modules
EclipseSummit 2008 Introducing Real-Time Software Components (RTSC) for Embedded C/C++ within Eclipse
EclipseCon 2008 Presentations Introducing Real-Time Software Components (RTSC), and Overview of Real-Time Software Components: A Scalable Component Model for Embedded C Development


Dave Russo is a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at TI, and currently serves as the Target Content Infrastructure CTO within TI's Software Development Organization. Before joining TI, Dave was co-founder of Spectron Microsystems, where he helped create the world's first real-time operating system for DSP (SPOX/C3x) in 1988 and DSP/BIOS in 1997. After TI acquired Spectron, Dave guided evolution and diffusion of DSP/BIOS for use on TI architectures. He is the original author of eXpressDSP Algorithm Standard (xDAIS), recently served as lead architect and developer of TI's Codec Engine multi-media framework for advanced SOCs, and is co-creator of the Real-Time Software Component model and its associated XDC tools. Dave has a Bachelors degree in Mathematics from MIT and a PhD from University of California, Santa Barbara.

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