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Understanding The Report

COSMOS Wiki > COSMOS Document Plan > COSMOS Manual Guide > COSMOS UG Web Console > Generating a Log Report

Understanding the Top 10 Log Report

The Top 10 Log Report is divided into three sections.

  • Overview Chart
  • Pie Charts
  • Details

Overview Chart

  • The stack bar shows the top ten sub components that contains the highest total number of events.
  • Each bar illustrates the number of severe, warning and informational severity events.

Pie Charts

  • The pie charts shows the top 10 sub components that have the highest number of severe severity events, highest number of warning severity events and highest number of informational severity events.


  • The detail section shows a table that organizes the events grouped by sub components.
  • The host name and sub component name is shown along with the creation time, severity, message name and extension name of the event.
  • Each column is highlighted to a specific color to indicate the severity of the event.
   - warning
   - severe
   - info

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