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UFaceKit/Getting Started Swing

Setting up dependencies

Until we have a build which provides a set of targets you need to install some dependencies by hand:

Other Jars

The following dependencies can be downloaded as individual .jar files:

Data Binding Jars

You will need org.eclipse.core.databinding_<version>.jar and org.eclipse.core.databinding.beans_<version>.jar. These two jar files are not available stand alone, but you can extract them from the Eclipse RCP SDK download (22MB). Go to http://download.eclipse.org/eclipse/downloads/ , click on "3.4.2", and get one of the files listed under "RCP SDK". It does not matter which platform you pick as the contained jar files you need are platform independent. You can find the two jar files inside the downloaded archive, under eclipse/plugins:

  • org.eclipse.core.databinding_1.1.1.M20080827-0800b.jar (340k)
  • org.eclipse.core.databinding.beans_1.1.1.M20080827-0800a.jar (59k)

If you want to check these out from CVS (e.g. to see their source), use :pserver:anonymous@dev.eclipse.org:/cvsroot/eclipse and get the following from HEAD (or use a tag like R3_4_2):

  • org.eclipse.core.databinding
  • org.eclipse.core.databinding.beans

You can get these into Netbeans using the Eclipse-Project-Import-Wizard and editing the project properties.

  • org.eclipse.core.databinding
    Db core.png
  • org.eclipse.core.databinding.beans
    Db beans.png

Setting up UFacekit-Code

Until we have a build which provides a set of targets you need to install UFaceKit-Libraries by hand by checking them out and adjusting the dependencies.