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UFaceKit/Development Setup In Eclipse

Install a Subversion-Plugin

UFaceKit code is found inside a subversion repository so to directly install it inside Eclipse you have to install Subversion plugin:

TODO: I'm using Subclipse and the Team-Project-Sets provided are for Subclipse should we add project sets for subversive too?

Setup a Subversion Repository

After having installed a subversion plugin you need to switch into the Subversion-Perspective and add a new repository point to

Setting up a Target-Platform

Setting up a target platform allows allows you to program with another version of Eclipse against a specific target. In the following lines we are going to setup a target with dependencies UFaceKit-Code needs.

  • Checkout the setup-Folder from Subversion-Repository
    UFaceKit Eclipse Setup.png
  • Launch the setup-target.xml
    For easy setup we provide an ANT-Script you can use to setup automatically.
    UFaceKit Eclipse Setup Ant.png
    In the setup folder is a file named If you want you can point there to another download server by modifying the eclipse.url
  • Set our newly created target
    Open the Perfernces-Dialog and navigate to Plug-in Development > Target Platform and set the location to $yourworkspace/.ufacekittarget/eclipse/plugins where $yourworkspace is the path to the workspace you are currently in.
    UFaceKit Eclipse Setup Target.png

Now our target is complete and when checking out code from UFaceKit it should compile without errors now.

Checking out code

To check out code easily we provide a set of Team-Project-Set files you can use to easily checkout code from our repository. The first thing you need to do is checkout the psf-Folder from our repository.

UFaceKit Eclipse Setup PSF.png

The following ready project files are available:

  • swt-implementation.psf: Checks out the core plugins and SWT implementation
  • swt-example.psf: The example application

If you have Subclipse installed you can check the code now out simply selecting Import ProjectSet ... from the context menu

UFaceKit Eclipse Setup UsePSF.png

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