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You will find below different tutorials: long tutorials that show different steps of a given process, and short tutorials that only focus on a given ReqCycle feature.

Long tutorials

Model Based System Engineering tutorial with ATM system

  • Scope: this tutorial starts with system requirements and explains how to refine them with SysML model down to subsystems requirements.
  • Coverage: requirement data model definition, requirement import from Excel, word and ReqIF, custom visualization of requirements, definition of custom traceability links, capture of SysML traceability links, creation of own requirements, export (partial) of traceability, update of system requirements and associated impact analysis

short tutorials

Define custom visualization for requirements (see part of step2 from full MBSE tutorial: lcustom visual configuration) and with use of predicates (visual configuration using predicates)

Import requirements from SysML

Import requirements from any Domain Specific Language formalized in EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework) format

Create requirements with auto incremented ID

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