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Tip of the Day/Startup Options

Startup Options

These are the options to control the Tips framework.

Property Description Values This is the default tips startup option if the user has not set the startup preference.
  • "dialog" - Tip providers may do background work and the dialog is shown at startup if there are tips to read.
  • "background" - Tip providers may do background work but no dialog is shown
  • "disable"- The framework does not start. Dialog and fetching is done only when the user opens the dialog through a button or menu. The location where the tips framework will save its state. If not specified then ${user.home}/.eclipse/ a location in the filesystem e.g. /home/user/mystate Puts the framework in debug mode, all messages will be placed in the error log.
  • "false" or not specified - Debug mode is off
  • other value - Debug mode is on Prints all messages in the console
  • "false" or not specified - Console log mode is off
  • other value - Console log mode is on
tips.test Used by the examples plugin to load additional providers.
  • any value - Additional providers will be loaded in the examples plugin to overload the provider slider

Plugin Customization

For products there is also the option to supply a plugin customization file. On the command line supply the following parameter:

-pluginCustomization /path/to/file

Inside the file specify disabled providers and/or the default startup option.<comma separated list of provider ID's><dialog|background|disable>

See here how plugin customizations are processed

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