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TPTP March 09 face to face

Meeting Logistics

Attending: Harm, Oliver, Kathy, Eugene, Jonathan, Yunan, Chris(phone)

Regrets: Paul S., Ernest

Time: Sun March 22, 1:00 - 4:00 PDT Place: Santa Clara (EclipseCon 2009)

Intel resource

  • Stragetic member - > (2008) Strategic consumer -> (Jan 2009) Solution member
  • Till 1Q 2010
    • 2 headcounts
    • transitioning builds to IBM
    • 100% Chengri, 50% Yunan, 50% Yi
    • Chris will continue to be involved in PMC
  • Intel is scheduled for winding down involvement in TPTP. Make sure IBM is aware.

Longer term planning

  • Project is in maintenance mode, winding down?
  • Stable number of downloads ~40,000
  • Chris: Find more community that would be interested in the project
  • Harm: Get more user or more contributor
  • Need to reach out to users who might turn into contributor
  • POG effort
  • Eugene:
    • community is looking for non-Java support (e.g. Ericsson)
    • support on MAC
  • MAC port - AC port is done by Paul K., profiling not ported yet. Have not heard from the one possible contributor.

TPTP v4.6

  • Will need to go over P1 for 4.6, make sure don't over commit
  • P1 defects - 46 (28 test, 18 platform/profiling)
  • Yunan:
    • 254487 - pre-pend filter in UI ahead of time as a workaround, should move to Eugene
    • 260290 - patch ready to be reviewed
    • 247602 - instrumentation process not designed for thread safe. Immediate problem found had been resolved. This covers general issue only. Lowering to P2.
  • Chengrui's (bugs targeted to, 4.6 bugs should be opened):
    • 194081 - top of priority for Chengrui
    • 226572 - patch available to be reviewed by Eugene.
  • Eugene's:
    • Grouping 115325, 215032, 259186 together. Should be doable for TPTP 4.6.
  • There are 27 defects currently on the Test project owned by Paul S. and Jerome. Need to check with them to make sure if they are truely P1 and see if they can all be contained in the remaining development weeks.
  • Other P1s are project maintenance, Web related stuff.

Issues to address

  • Harm: In memory model scalability issue
  • Chris: Having dynamic attach works better
  • Multi agent support for JVMTI
  • Unloading of memory
  • Fix the important problems that has more impacts to the users
  • Harm proposeda new P1 - scalability and performance, smaller model, smaller footprint
    • Eugene will follow up changes required in the model
  • Need better documentation, especially on JVMTI.
    • Can put skeleton in help, update content in Web, then update help content.
    • Kathy to find out about translation schedule for doc.
    • Need skeleton defect on doc opened.
    • Actual doc defect 188809.
  • Coordinate testing effort with adopting products if possible.
  • Harm asked about support for Cloud computing.
    • What can TPTP do for Cloud Computing? Bring this up in TPTP Bof.
    • Need to investigate what TPTP's support currently is.

Project and component structure

  • Project set need to updated and documented to reduce learning curve and to make project maintenance easier.
  • Using "vendor" or "adopter" keyword to mark vendor-requested defect, look for example in platform project.
  • No pressing need to change project component structure currently.


  • There will be TPTP 4.6 maintenance release in Sept 2009 and Feb 2010.
  • Need review of defects for providing Solaris SPARC support.
  • Committer nomination for Yunan: 3 positive votes, Harm will vote.

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