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TPTP/Wiki Usage And Tips


Pages discussion

Please use article's Discussion page (see button on left pane) for expression of any your concerns, thoughts and advices.

Pages naming

I'd propose following naming consent for all pages

"TPTP/" as common prefix for all pages.

Next parts depends from page area

  • "Profiler/"
  • "Tracing/"
  • "Testing/"
  • "Monitoring/"
  • "Testing/"


  • "Planing/"
  • "PMC/"

And other subparts depending from topic e.g. "TPTP/Profiler/HEAP/MemoryLeak"

Category usage

TPTP already have two categories Category:TPTP and Category:Eclipse Test and Performance Tools Platform Project both are used. Preferable to use only one category. In other case users have to put two categories every time. Among them I'd choose Category:TPTP it is short, clear and hard to misprint.


Watching a Page for updates

Note that when you edit a page on the wiki, there is a checkbox you can click to be notified of updates to the page. It is a good way to avoid having to cc a mailing list whenever you update the wiki...

To make it works you need enabled e-mail notification in your Wiki account. To do it click the "My Preferences" link at the top of the wiki web page and select appropriate checkboxes.

Editing a whole page

Note that if you want to edit the WHOLE wiki page instead of just the section, click the Edit button in the left Navigation bar (Just below Views, Article, Discussion.)

Rename(move) Wiki page

If name of wiki page doesn't correspond to its content or doesn't comply with naming agreement page can be moved to new location. To do it, click the Move button in the left Navigation bar (Just below Views, Article, Discussion.)

User pages for sketches and notes

Every registered user in Wiki has own user page, link to it (wiki account name) is placed at the top of the Wiki web page. This is ordinary Wiki page, it can be used for notes, saving references on raw pages, drafts and etc..

Reference to records in Bugzilla

Instead of full URL [https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=209724 209724] Wiki template can be used {{bug|153630}}. Result of using template is "bug 153630".

Other Wiki Templates