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Attending: Alex, Mikhail, Harm, Oliver, Chris, Eugene

  • I dialed in pretty much last so I'm unsure if Joanna was there.
  • Paul had a conflict

Meeting was brief.


Harm gave an update regarding where he and Alex are WRT items from last week.

  • Both have opened several defects with POG tag
  • They are are cross referenced on wiki page to indicate where they relate to scenario
    • Can query with this tag to see defects
  • Currently 11 defects tagged as POG
    • Several are targeting I5
    • Some (of the 11) are going to be pretty large

Harm talked to Eugene about possibly disabling (in 4.4.1) some of the gui sequences in that are particularly sensitive

  • Greying out of some options that are actually unavailable.
  • Eugene has not been able to look into it yet
    • AI Eugene: For PMC call try to have some sizing/feasibility of getting this into 4.4.1

Harm suggests

  • Now need to triage/target the 11;
  • possibly file a few more from the scenario

Alex asked if we would like to run thru whole list of 11 (to get a better overall feel)

  • Remaining attendees did not seem to think this necessary

Looking forward

Is plan between now and 25th in good shape?

  • Yes, only a few things planned for I5 and seem to have coverage

Regarding side discussion that we had last time about competitive offerings

  • Oliver (OC Systems) will be able to free up someone to poke at netbeans and possibly other competitors and see how they compare to TPTP offering
  • One of the benefits of a smaller company is that this is easier to arrange

Because we are making progress here and getting trackable bugs filed,

  • Time devoted to POG in PMC call should be shorter for a while

Question arose regarding whether we want obvious usability bugs to be tagged as POG even though they are not yet visible in the scenarios.

  • I did not gather that there was a firm decision to do this for all such bugs however
  • There did seem to be a movement toward this for several
    • Example: Alex noted 214098 -- collection after attach

Harm suggests for EclipseCon (since there is a coinciding board meeting)

  • If have many of roadblocks resolved for POG
  • If have reasonable comparason to to competitive products

it would be good for board to see such details.

  • Oliver thinks he can commit to the competitive analysis (at least for Netbeans solution).

Chris asked when we should talk about I6 work for POG

  • There seemed to be a overwealming desire on the team's behalf to defer for a bit
  • Once we have larger list of defects and some of I5 stuff done
  • Revisit in a few weeks.