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Attending: Kathy, Oliver, Eugene, Chris, Paul

Any objections to last weeks summary?

  • No objections

4.6.2 update

In the platform project 4.6.2 I2 development is proceeding. Have thru end of year to do development. Will do test pass in Jan. The Test project is in similar situation

  • Paul and company working on updating BVTs and are making great progress. Things are getting close to getting next batch of tests to automate.

There was a power outage in Toronto last week that caused some temporary issues.


Oliver asks about work on Helios versus spring maintenance is divided up. Kathy resumarized the plan.

  • We are working on spring maintenance I2 now
  • We will start a test pass in Jan
  • At that time we will fork to do engineering work on helios

Paul raised the question about how to version the Helios drop. Should Gelios be 4.7 or should it be 4.6.3?

  • We are removing support for some BTM components. Officially that might suggest some API contract changes
  • If we call it 4.7, we get some flexibility on API level changes.
  • Chris asked if we have bugzillas that we want to change the API on?
    • Nothing concrete at this time but there are a few that are in process that might be convenient to change version on.
    • We are not properly annotating what is public and what is private in the manifest files. We do have a lot of private API that is accidently exported in the manifest. That could be cleaned up a bit.
    • This is one way that we could cleanly do the cleanup.
  • The only challenge might be that uptick might make people think it is a significant change instead of a defeaturing release.
    • Oliver notes that we can publicize that the major releases on the last few simultanous releases have been because we are removing stuff
    • Chris notes this might be a good way to position it.
  • No decision yet.

We discussed logistics, updates that need to happen on the web and in the plan/website/helios documentation, etc. We agreed on these changes.

The next Helios drop is Dec 14

  • IBM folks will touch test next week.


Eugene talked about the OS/X agent controller

  • A development driver is posted and there have been about 25 downloads over the last month.
  • There are not many questions on the list or newsgroups.

Oliver asks if the build moved over to IBM yet?

  • Not yet. IBM had to identify some systems to shutdown to reach the cooling requirements of the build systems.
  • They will have them plugged in soon.

Is there a meeting next week?

  • Kathy suggests that we skip next week. This was agreed upon.
  • Next meeting will be Dec 9th.
  • Chris will not attend until Jan

PMC asked about whether there are any pudates about Intel resourcing in 2010

  • Chris mentioned that there is commitment thru Spring maintenance and planning details are still being finalized for 2010 as a whole.
  • Chris and Oliver should 1:1 or maybe 2:1 with Judy in Jan.
  • In the meantime, documentation of key component parts and skills transfers are in process between Beijing and Toronto

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