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Attending: Paul, Eugene, Kathy, Chris, Ernest

  • Oliver sends his regrets today

No summary posted for last week yet. Discussion

Kathy notes that there are a few defects the team is trying to get in.

  • Paul has his in.
  • Looking at a patch from Chengrui now

4.6.2 Discussion

Kathy notes that the test pass is proceeding well; there is a report out now. Test pass will continue into next week.

Next week will be dropping our 4.6.2 driver to Helios

  • Eugene will smoke test it with Helios driver


Eugene talks about TPTP wiki page added link to the MacOS support page

  • Development of the wiki page is in progress
  • It has build pointers and details
    • The build is done manually from time to time
  • PaulK at IBM has been asked to provide some more details on the wiki
  • The build is hosted so that we can get download statistics from the Eclipse download page.

Time tracking in Bugzilla

Kathy will be talking with some IBM team members later today about ramping up on this. Chris mentioned a discussion he had with Yunan to explain part of the purpose. Team discussed how it would be good to send out a summary of the goals/non-goals of this effort. For example

  • Underscore this is not really intended to micromanage
  • It provides better metrics to do planning in the future
  • It helps us identify areas where additional resource is needed
  • It identifies overall project trends from component to component and is not really intended to track particular people.
    • Multiple people might increment the counter on a given defect. For example, the designer, developer, reviewer, tester, etc.
    • As an example, if Paul spends time reviewing/tweaking a patch, he typically will bump the hour count a bit (even if that counts on another person's defect)
  • Ernest notes that if a given component is getting little development effort, probably can reduce the test effort on that area a bit because it is not changing

Paul notes another common pushback to this type of thacking is that it is too cumbersome to fill in details

  • There is general agreement that if this is an approximate estimation that this does not add too much overhead.


TPTP Logistics

  • Paul has been trying to get committer alumni set up correctly. There were some issues with some committers to legacy Hyades projects for which the portal was not configured.
  • Ernest and Eugene were not in the portal as PMC members.
    • Eugene working on it. We thought we had previously voted them in

Kathy mentioned that the division in IBM that had been funding part of a contributor to do light BTM project bugfix is going to move on to other work.

  • There is one remaining contributor doing a few bugfixes. He has moved to another project
  • Team not planning to commit resources to monitoring project in the future
  • Want to move to this component to as-is in June of next year (Helios)
  • We will broadcast to community and internally in case there are any incoming volunteers

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