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Atending: Eugene, Paul, Oliver, Kathy.

Any issues with last weeks minutes?

  • No

anyone need to leave early?

  • No

4.5.2 Discussion

  • is ready to declare milestone 2 by Friday, starting milestone 3, 4 fixes already. July is driver milestone. IBM is cool with all schedules.

4.6 Discussion

Driver for 4.6 now pointing to correct documentation. Final details are being completed. All is properly posted

Galileo release review went well. Kathy said that the slides took about a day and Paul reminded the PMC that we need to properly size our efforts to align what is good for TPTP. For example, if the slides took a week, they would not be worth it. At a day, they probably were worth it...

RC5 is available. Much mutual back patting over the smoothest TPTP delivery ever. Yes, there are still a few polish items to complete, but it is all in hand :) Of course, we still need to make it to June 24th.

Discussion was had on how to decide which bugzillas to close for TPTP. It was noted that any features should be closed. Also, bugs that are very old should be closed. Paul took the action item to suggest a policy, then vet it with the PMC for formal approval at the next PMC meeting. It was agreed that bugs older than 2 years old was a good safe harbour for closing.

4.6.1 Discussion

4.6.1 planning was discussed. Delivery will be late september. 4.6.1 will be just bug fixes, of course.

Kathy was wondered if it was worth it to automate IP log?

There were discussions as to which defects to fix in 4.6.1. In decending order the following was agreed: Deferrals, then Consumers bugs, then low hanging easy bugs and some api fixes.

We will more serious about P1 getting done fer sure by properly using P1, P2 and P3 designations.


Oliver got the action item to send out a TPTP statement for IBM developerworks.

A discussion started about Galileo Info Center, but Joel just got it done before we could define the requirements, appoint a special committee, get buy in from the stakeholders, build a broad consensus, align the mission with TPTP strategic goals, get it integrated into the budgeting process, identify staffing resources and develop a management chain to drive this to completion.