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Atending: Eugene, Paul, Oliver, Kathy, Joel

Any issues with last weeks minutes?

  • No minutes were posted. Chris?

anyone need to leave early?

  • No

4.5.2 Discussion

  • None

4.6 Discussion

Kathy has sent out the release review slides and other material for 4.6. The Galileo release review is at 11, both Kathy and Oliver will attend.

They Galileo release materials are:

TPTP v4.6 release review slides: (full deck) (4 slide mini deck)

This is the TPTP v4.6 IP log:

4.6 on schedule to be finally dropped on June 16th.

There are some issues with the update site, captured in bug 279542. It is expected that these will be resolved in time for the June 16th delivery.

Some files may not be packed in the June 16th deliver. See bug 279368.

Oliver asked "Is Intel engaged?" by which he meant did Kathy feel that she was communicating effectively and effeciently, so the Intel investment in TPTP is being properly managed. There was some discussion here and it was decided to continue the discussion in the next PMC meeting.

Paul suggested that we return as won't fix all enhancements and all bugs that are really old. Oliver said "Brilliant". PMC'ers agreed that this would clearly indicate the TPTP status to the world and would clean up useless detritus in bugzilla. It was decided to socialize this for a vote at the next PMC meeting regardong criteria. As a starting point, all agreed that returning all enhancements and bugs older than 2 years old seemed to make sense.

Joel discussed some issues with the version checking tool, which he felt that he could bludgeon into submission by June 16th.

Oliver brought up the POG. Eugene said let's redo outreach after 4.6 ship, which Oliver agreed made total sense.

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