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  • Attending: Paul, Oliver, Kathy, Harm
    • Absent Ernest & Eugene & Chris

Any issues with last weeks summary?

  • It doesn't exist. Chris was supposed to post them

4.5.2 update

Pretty much in the bag. One more defect added with PMC approval.

4.6 update

4.6 test pass is a couple of days late. The decision was made to merge the two test passes into a single test pass and get back to the published schedule by June 1st.

The proposed P1 deferrals specified in the June 6 minutes were voted on and approved unanimously. Paul stated that there were some other non-controversial deferrals for test. He would send the list out to the community and we would vote on them in the next PMC Call.

It was made clear that PMC approval applies to code changes and plug in release numbers. Documentation changes do not need PMC approval.

Kathy will get the IP log ready for the next PMC meeting.

Harm had lobbied previously for some kind of support for out community MAC contributor. Unfortunately, by the time that this came up, Harm was off the call. Oliver was given the action item to entice Harms thoughts on this from him.

Paul developed the following list for TPTP 4.6 winddown:

       Here are outstanding items for the TPTP 4.6 release:

1) Update the TPTP Development Plan (move TPTP 4.6 from Release Under Development to Current Releases/Previous Release Queries (http://www.eclipse.org/tptp/home/project_info/previous_releases/previous_releases.php) sections and add TPTP 4.6.1/ to Current Releases section):


2) Update the Project Plan Summary:


3) Update the Project Log:


4) Create and submit the TPTP 4.6 Release Review slides:


Here is the TPTP 4.5 release collateral:


5) Defer all TPTP 4.6 defects to TPTP 4.6.1:


6) Announce the TPTP 4.6 release on the web site (news), mailing lists, and news group.

7) Please for TPTP 4.6.1 (plan and schedule) and TPTP M3+.

Note, I have updated the TPTP 4.6 schedule based on today's discussion:



We discussed equipment transfer.

  • Intel and IBM are still dancing on stage trying to get an outdated and zero value computer to Toronto.