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Attending: Paul, Oliver, Chris, Kathy, Eugene, Joel

Objections to previous summary?

  • No


  • There is one outstanding suite in our test pass
    • We are pretty much ready to drop milestone
    • Most tests done,
    • reasonable failure rate
  • 1 regression found in probekit area routed over to Intel
    • 268532 is assigned to Chenrui.
  • There have been a few checkins recently so we are lucky we did not have any blocker regressions becaues if we had had to create a new driver now, we would have had problems.
    • Paul and Jonathan are the culprits for moving forward a bit too optimistically
  • Are we on track for 4.6
    • We are on track. Everyone believes we can contain current lists
    • 4.6 P1 defects are locked in now for us

By Apr 17 translation changes must be checked in

This is just a living patch stream; not an actual release

  • Oliver trusts that we are being thrifty with test overhead
  • Paul asks about web site as there is no visible download yet
    • Chris asked a question about download mechanism because he thought he heard something about update sites. This was clarified that we are talking about downloads from the TPTP development builds web site not an Eclipse update site

Planning Council requests

We should review their requests and decide where to commit and where to deny. Planning council is really more about requests than requirements.

  • Oliver notes that Planning council comes back with pretty arbitrary list of requests. Why now requests around accessability/usability/performance?
  • Regarding the capabilities request for M6
    • Found a few issues with them that caused parts of UI project to disappear. Should be fixed soon
  • Regarding new/noteworthy section
    • Typically leads are responsible for creating/updating this result
  • Regarding Pseudotranslation map file
    • Joel checked these in
    • "Bida?" for local transations is the final one
    • This mode effectively tweaks display of strings by changing syllable layout to help determine if the strings after translation will fit appropriately.
    • Oliver asks who tests translations at IBM since all we're doing is maintenance our strings aren't really very dynamic

Oliver notes that Eclipse is starting to have standards on translations but don't have any standards on memory leaks, etc.

  • Is this (translation update) value for the IBM? (i.e., good use of IBM resources)
  • Paul suspects that the IBM testing of translations is on different packages
    • If this is an easy thing to put up the packages we should do it but if its more than a few days, we should probably not.
    • Turns out to maybe be ~8days of testing
    • No requests from community about improving translations


F2F in Saratoga room at Hyatt (Eclipse Foundation providing)...

  • Remote folks should dial in at 1p to work on agenda
  • Finishing out 4.6
  • Post 4.6 discussion
  • Resourcing
  • Would like to come out of meeting with a statement of what TPTP plans to do
  • Should we be part of a bundle?


Build transferral

  • EM64T is in process
  • Yi/Lei sent the documentation. So far no issues with transition.
  • Itanium systems are in process
    • Chris has received the systems and needs to do a quick test about their stability before shipping them out.

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