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Attending: Oliver, Paul, Kathy, Eugene, Jonathan, Chris

Any objections to last week's summary?

  • Yes, they were not posted
    • AI to Chris to fill in the details from the part of the meeting he was at

EclipseCon Discussion

Who will be at F2F?

  • Harm, Oliver, Jonathan, Eugene
    • Yunan if he arrives in time
    • Chris will dial in

Meet will start at 1:00p on Sunday

  • Intel staffing update will be desired

Eugene notes that the schedule of TPTP based talks are on track

  • Eugene notes that he needs to follow up with Yunan to get some talk time

As discussed last week, we opened a branch to hold patches and set up builds

  • Some backporting of first milestone bugs going well
  • IBM guys doing a mini-smoke test
  • IBM will pick it up and use it

There is an environment variable bugfix that was desired but according to Intel developer will not be available until about the end of the week.


There have been a few translation Map file tweaks for Galielo that team wants to backport to last 2 major release (4.5.2, 4.5.1)

  • Kathy wants to know if they can do this backpatch
  • Chris expressed concern about whether this is an update to the release or something that is just automatically fetched and does not require opening up new releases, test passes, etc.
    • This is not actually a refreshed release. It is simply a push of the map file to the release engineering folks
    • Chris is okay with it in this case.

Oliver notes that the map file updates for Galileo are being pushed by planning council.

  • Backpatching old releases is a suggestion but not really a requirement from planning council


  • bugzilla targets and build targets have all got their names changed to 4.6.0 as does the build download page
  • Test pass was going to start on Monday but there were some network problems finishing up getting a driver
    • Chris noted that the Wednesday morning driver had built successfully. IBM checked and promoted this driver as test candidate.

4.6 defect priorities

  • Chris needs to follow up again with yunan to get sizing and estimates about when they will be worked on.

Platform Lead role

Kathy and Joanna were talking about the need to officially transfer lead roles and responsibilites over to Kathy

  • Before the statuses can change, we need to make it all official
  • Nomination of Kathy as TPTP Platform lead and TPTP Planning council was made and seconded
    • Motion passes uninamously
    • Condolences to Kathy


  • Bugzilla components moved over to Kathy
  • Updates to map/documentation
  • Portal lead moved over
  • Paul seemed to do most of this and some requests went in for the remainder.

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