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Attending: Oliver, Kathy, Chris, Eugene, Paul

Any objections to last week's summary?

  • no

Chris had hard stop after half hour. This summary only covers the first part of meeting

4.5.2 followon

IBM notes that some of their products are requesting a 4.5.2 patch stream. Ordinarily they would use 4.5.3 but because of the dependence on Java6 in Galileo and the need to move to TPTP 4.6, this will not work.

  • Consumers need vehicle for Eclipse 3.4 based series
  • IBM suggests a 4.5.2 patch stream; not an actual release, just a patch branch
    • talking about ~5 defects in the initial stream
    • Talking on the order of a few days of test.
    • Want to suggest a 4.5.2 patch stream

IBM talking about using Eclipse 3.4 (TPTP 4.5) based components around the end of year

  • They would request backporting of a maximum of 4-5 patches per milestone
  • Chris expressed concern that there are very few resources remaining on TPTP and we do not have the resources to have actual parallel releases of 4.5 and 4.6 stuff concurrently
  • Oliver asks if this happened in the past
    • Previously for IBM consuming products it was done purely from IBM side creating derivitive patches that were internally managed
    • IBM mentions that the biggest impact should be about prioritizing some patches (and their backport) rather than doing fundamentally new work.
    • Other than prioritization only have the cost of the backport and the mini test pass

Kathy has list of defects that are desired for the first milestone

  • Probably will be just a few stop ship critical bugs: a few per quarter
    • Intel participation for defects on getting these bugs fixed for TPTP 4.6
      • For now, all requested ones are things that need fixing for 4.6 anyway
    • If it is critical on 4.5 stream, IBM will try to assist in backport to 4.5 branch
  • We will start with this and re-evaluate the overhead.

Immediate requirement... Team needs to setting up a 4.5.2 build stream again.

  • Chris to follow up with Yunan to get native build portion on track

Chris had to drop off of the meeting at this time.

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