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Attending: Paul, Kathy, Eugene, Chris, Ernest


Is there anything else for 4.5.2. Is it totally dropped and done?

  • We are closed down.
  • Test pass final status: 100%.. 2.13% failures

Question nabout whethre download site has most current stuff

  • Joel or Josh need to trigger it being the "current" release
  • TPTP newsgroup and mailing list posting need to be sent
  • Putting update on the "news" tab of TPTP requires a bit of tweaking
  • No "new and noteworthy" section because no new features
  • A few "next release/current release tweaks on website" are required

Plan for 4.5.3

Question, will the next release be 4.5.3 or 4.6?

  • This relates to discussion about 1.4 support
  • If we need to make a breaking change then it willneed to be 4.6
    • EMF dependency EMF version that requires us to change our model code precluding being able to use 3.5
    • There is also a BIRT dependency
  • If we lock into earlier EMF, we could not run on Galileo
    • They added a new class and because of the way they make the models
    • EMF team is saying that they are not breaking the API
      • EMF going from 2.4.1 to 2.5

Kathy asks how do we announce the change that will be happening

  • Paul says we have not done this before
    • Joel/Josh need to change builds to annotage version change
    • Need to go to galileo and tell them there will be version change (not expecting problem from them)

If folks need to run the plugins on 3.4 what do they do

  • What blocks user from taking current 4.5.3 and running it on earlier workbench?
    • It has already cut over to new EMF
  • There was an IBM question nabout creation nof a 4.5.3 or
    • Paul questions who should use 4.5.3. If there is a consuming product with demand, we can consider it.
    • IBM states that folks are reporting regressions in 4.5.2 and are asking for fixes
    • Chris notes that we really don't have resources to support these parallel releases. Consumers should deal with patches and their own builds if they need this
    • Paul says test could squeak by on engineering for simultaneous bulids but would not be able to handle testing of it
  • TPTP 4.6 is for Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo) train. Do not have any plans for shipping further updates to 4.5
    • There was agreement about 4.6 update (EMF break)

Paul suggests renaming 4.5.3 to 4.6.

  • If we later decide on branch it off of 4.5.2
  • We had a discussion nabout branching logistics
  • There was general approval on this

IBM mentioned that Harm typically prefers to have things in a more open source manner (e.g., point release) rather than having folks use one off patches.

  • There was disagreement about whether to have a parallel point release (4.5.3 or Will continue to discuss this when we have more attendees.
  • The only concern is about resourcing

4.5.3 detailed schedule on website

Kathy walked us thru some API/uI stuff

  • API/UI freeze date might not be able to be met
    • (a week and a half from now)
    • Paul suggests maintain API Mar 6 as the date because some consumers need it
    • Paul proposes move UI freeze date to Apr 17 (right before I2 test pass)
      • simply can't get the UI changes in by 6th (all the strings/etc.)
      • Kathy checked translation schedule. 1st pull is ~mar 20 and second is ~apr 20.
      • Updated date will let us meet the second deadline
    • Note that Galileo regular drops don't start till April anyway.

Eugene does not have much by way of new UI pages just some labeling updates and such.

  • Does not expect big translation problem

P1 list of defects targeting 4.6.

Paul sent spreadsheet with list of candidates for plan for Test project

  • Paul does not want to call out any specifically to remove from list
  • Paul's list approved

We will approve platform list next week

Time estimates of Intel items to be put into the bugzillas they are assigned

  • If any of the bugzillas do not have a time field, we should consult the webmaster.

Basic review and feedback on other platform defects


  • Intel gave eclipsecon update
    • Yunan will attend full week
    • Chris will attend some days

Build moving discussion

  • Intel is okay with moving of builds
  • Joel/Yi are talking back/forth on machines/configurations

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