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  • April 21, 2008


  • Present:
    • Paul Slauenwhite
    • Tony Wang
    • Oliver Cole
    • Alex Nan
    • Chris Elford
    • Eugene Chan
    • Mikhail Voronin
    • Alexander Alexeev
    • Andreas Buchen


  • Integrating TPTP and SAP Heap Profilers (Part 1).


  • Use Cases:
    • The TPTP Agent Controller to trigger and transport a heap dump for the SAP Memory Analyzer.
    • The SAP Memory Analyzer being able to handle a heap dump from an existing file.
  • SAP Memory Analyzer:
    • Based on VM heap dumps.
      • Only heap dumps and no profiling hooks for heap analysis.
      • Static view (one point in time).
    • Provides an Eclipse editor for *.hprof files.
      • Also provided as a RCP application for use by support personnel.
    • Transforms heap dumps to a dominator tree for analysis.
    • Analysis includes reports, graphs, and views.
    • Cannot correlate or compare objects at the object level since GC moves objects and their addresses between heap dumps.
      • Can compare objects at a class level.
    • Scalability is an issue.
      • Loads object graph as an integer arrays in memory.
    • SAP also has a Java Profiler developed by a separate Team.
  • TPTP Heap Profiling:
    • JVMTI-based heap profiler.
    • Object allocation can be instrumented.
    • Allocations points can be tracked and summarized in the model.
    • Dynamic view over time.
    • Scalability is an issue.
      • Uses the TPTP Trace EMF model.
  • Target: Integrate the two heap profiling solutions and transfer ownership to SAP since SAP wants dynamic heap profiling and both solutions have overlapping function.
    • SAP will not consider a transfer of ownership of the TPTP Heap Profiling.
    • SAP will consider integration on the level of extension points with the goal to enable use cases that cross the boundaries of the dynamic allocation analysis and the static heap dump analysis.
      • For example, during a profiling session, determining where objects are stored in memory or resoling a suspicious object's allocation site.
        • Extension points are required to exchange information such as allocation sites, their availability, and for what objects.
      • The SAP Memory Analyzer Team will consider developing these use cases and implement (as resources permit) the necessary extension points.
    • The SAP Java Profiler could also leverage this type of extension.
  • Contacts for this initiative:
    • TPTP: Alex A.:
      • Alex A. will schedule a demonstrate of the TPTP Heap Profiler for Andreas.
    • IBM: Eugene
  • Over the next 2 - 3 weeks, SAP (Andreas)/TPTP (Alex A. Eugene) will compare and contrast the SAP Memory Analysis and TPTP Heap Profiler.
    • We will meet again on May 12 to close on the functional overlap, direction, and ownership.

Action Items

  • Alex A. to schedule a web meeting with Andreas to demonstrate the TPTP Heap Profiler.
  • Meet again on May 12, 2008 to close on the functional overlap, direction, and ownership.

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